The R&D Management Conference Office has the role of helping the researchers’ community to design and hold academic conferences and events under the umbrella of the R&D Management brand. It aims to do this by promoting the conference platform worldwide, selecting conference hosts and providing helpful tools and support during the design and implementation of the events. 

Please click here for a Conference Office update – 3 July 2018 

Two types of event platforms exist and we would welcome proposals for either of these from prospective hosts:

  • Main R&D Management Conference 
    • Annual in mid June or early July
    • Typically between 300 and 500 participants
    • Typical programme is a 2 day PhD Colloquium preceding the 2.5 – 3 day conference
    • Industry tracks
    • RADMA sponsorship for PhD Colloquium and PhD participation at the conference
  • R&D Workshop events
    • Ad hoc – expected every 2 years
    • Aimed to tackle specific themes or the needs of different researcher communities
    • Usually 1 or 2 days
    • Flexible format
    • See report of first R&D Management Workshop in Beijing 2018


Letizia Mortara

Dr Letizia Mortara

Letizia Mortara is Head of the R&D Management Conference Office. 

Letizia Mortara is a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge and a By-Fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge. She is also an Associate Editor for the R&D Management journal. Letizia’s current focus is in the areas of Strategic Technology Management and Technology Enterprise.

Specific research projects include Technology intelligence (i.e. activity set-up in order to keep abreast with the latest developments in technology) Open Innovation, and the advent of Digital Fabrication technologies in manufacturing (e.g. 3D Printing) and their implications for business.

Letizia has worked within the Centre for Technology Management at the Institute for Manufacturing since 2005. Prior to this, she gained her first degree in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna in Italy. After spending three years working as a process/product manager in the chemical industry, she moved to the UK where she gained her PhD in processing and process scale-up of advanced ceramic materials at Cranfield University.


Jo Griffiths

Jo Griffiths

Jo Griffiths supports Letizia in the R&D Management Conference Office. She also manages a range of courses and conferences for the Institute for Manufacturing at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.





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