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Emerging technologies and industries in the Smart Era: dynamic trajectories, open innovation, and changing innovation governance

This R&D Management Workshop was held at Tsinghua University in Beijing between the 13th and the 15th of April 2018. More images are below

The workshop is a new format developed by the RADMA’s R&D Management Conference office, based at the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge, run by Dr Letizia Mortara and Jo Griffiths. The R&D Management Workshop series is a new and flexible event platform which aims to connect scholarly communities in the R&D and innovation research around specific interests. It goes alongside the successful setup of the traditional R&D Management Conference. This first event was hosted and curated with Prof Yuan Zhou and his team at the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University , with the aim to discuss innovation models for a digital world. It was dedicated to building opportunities of collaboration with China’s active scholarly community who are at the forefront of researching exciting and transformative phenomena such as the rolling out of the New Silk Road or the diffusion of digitally-driven innovation such as driver-less cars.

Supported by the R&D Management Association (RADMA), the R&D Management Journal, the Engineering Journal and the Chinese Institute of Engineering Development Strategies, the workshop gave the opportunity to scholars from 14 countries to convene and exchange research ideas. Welcomed by Prof Ji Zhou, President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and by the Vice President of Tsinghua University, over 150 participants enjoyed the keynote speeches from Prof Keun Lee from Seoul National University on the trends in IPR and capabilities regimes in developing economies and Prof Tim Minshall from the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge on the implications of the advent, diffusion and maturation of 3D printing technologies.

Two sets of panellists discussed the latest findings in Foresight and Open innovation (Prof Kazuyuki Motohashi from the University of Tokyo, Prof Yun Liu from the Chinese Academy of Science, Prof Sungjoo Lee from Ajou Universiy and Dr Yu-Shan Su from Taiwan Normal University) and on innovation and governance (Prof Xielin Yu, University of the Chinese Academy of Science, Prof Xiaobo Wu, Zhejiang University and Dr Alberto di Minin from the Scuola Sant’Anna in Pisa).

Before lunch, the audience challenged journal editors – including Prof Ellen Enkel, Editor of the R&D Management Journal, Prof Keun Lee and Prof Kazuyuki Motohashi Associate Editors of Research Policy, Prof Yu-Shan Su Associate Editor of Technological Forecasting and Social Change and Prof Jin Chen Editor of the International Journal of innovation Studies – on how to get published. The afternoon was dedicated to the presentation and discussion of 36 conference papers among which four were awarded prizes.

A rich menu of encounters and visits were added to the mix. On Friday 13th, a cohort of participants were welcomed by President Zhou at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and heard about IKCEST, the international knowledge centre for Engineering and Technology under the auspices of a UNESCO. Innovation trends with representatives from digital leaders such as Baidu (that runs the 2nd largest search engine in the world, and holds 76%* (¬†market share in China’s search engine market) and Xiaomi the world 5th consumer electronics company. On Sunday 15th, after a morning of roundtable discussions the international group headed to Mu Tian Yu to climb together the Great Wall!¬†

Thank you from the R&D Management Conference Office!!

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*source: Wikipedia. Accessed last in April 2018