Why host an R&D Management Conference or an R&D Management Workshop?

The R&D Management conference has been running since 1980, traditionally tackling themes in innovation, technology and R&D management. The specific themes have evolved, closely following both academic and industrial trends, and the community attending this annual event has grown in strength and size. Recent events have attracted hundreds of participants from over 40 countries from both academia and industry. The industrial community at these events mingles with the scholars presenting their most recent developments and discussing ways to collaborate to tackle important challenges. Whilst based on a solid group of historical participants who give continuity to the discussion, different communities are increasingly joining the R&D Management Conference platform and travel from all over the world to meet and work together. This network and heritage is a unique opportunity which could be leveraged by prospective event hosts.

The R&D Management Conference Office has been set up by RADMA to help create a consistent experience from year to year while also encouraging each conference to innovate and have a distinct personality. We are building a centralised attendee list to help each conference to contact previous delegates. We are also setting up a standard URL structure for the conference website and a single archive for past conferences.

For a list of previous conferences, please see here.

The long history and experience, the brand and the particular network provided by the R&D management conference could be important to organisers in different ways:

  • it will bring them and their institutions to the centre of the stage, visible and appreciated by both the researchers’ and industrialist communities
  • it will strengthen the link between their institutions and other universities and with the Research and Development Management Association (RADMA)
  • it will help leading and emergent scholars to connect and tackle together new research directions
  • it will help highlighting the relevance of a particular research area
  • it will help younger scholars grow and establish themselves
  • it will provide an opportunity for building transferrable skills and budget for other activities

The outcomes stretch beyond prestige, publications, budgetary and career motivations. The team that will work to pull a conference together will enjoy the fun and camaraderie of working on an important project over two years, bringing creativity into developing an amazing experience for the community. 

What are we looking for in an R&D Management Conference host?

  • Strong understanding of the field of innovation, technology and R&D management research
  • Appealing and suitable venue location and local access opportunities
  • Connections with Industry
  • Ideally an established and dedicated events support team
  • Enthusiasm and creativity
  • Ideally prior experience in running events of this magnitude
  • A suitable proposal for a conference theme
  • An outlook of about 2 years to prepare for the event

What are we looking for in an R&D Management Workshop host?

  • An idea for a workshop to tackle either –
    • a particular theme in the of innovation, technology and R&D management research
    • offer the opportunity to expand and connect the current R&D management community
  • Interesting and suitable venue location and local access opportunities
  • Connections with Industry
  • Enthusiasm and creativity from the organising team
  • Ideally some prior experience in running events
  • An outlook of about 2 years to prepare for the event

What will the R&D Management Conference office offer?

  • Information and advice on planning the conference
  • Contact details of organisers of previous events
  • RADMA and R&D Management Conference logos and guidance for their use
  • The website url to be used. All conference URLs have been acquired by the R&D Management Conference office. They differ only in the year – www.RnD-Conf YEAR.org. These will be used by the conference hosts who can decide to redirect the traffic to an owned website.
  • Templates for conference and PhD colloquium budgets
  • Templates for abstract and full papers
  • Access to attendee list for previous events (where available)
  • Signage banners (normally sent from the previous conference directly to the future conference organizer)

If you are interested in hosting a future R&D Management Conference, please contact Dr Letizia Mortara, Head of the R&D Management Conference Office | email: lm367@cam.ac.uk | Phone: +44 1223 764831

Bid Document for future RD Management Conferences